About Simple Bikes

Simple Bikes was born in 2011 in the city of Amsterdam, where we live and work, out of a desire to spread the Dutch cycling culture around the world. We saw the rising popularity of Dutch style bikes across the globe, but found they were often just pale imitations of the bikes that have ridden around over here for over a 100 years. Sure, they resembled the real deal from far, but when we looked closely they seemed to lack some of the things that truly define a Dutch bike. Things like the all important upright ride and comfort geometry, the classic frame designs and the minute attention to detail that makes a Dutch bike so unique, compelling and enjoyable to ride.


Kobenhavn Bike

Steam Roller Bike

Dutch heritage

While we prided ourselves on our authentic heritage, we also decided to design these bikes to reflect a truly international character, packaged around a Dutch heart and soul.


Elegance N3 Bike

St. Tropez Bike


Simple Saddles


Simple Chain & Cover


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